TAXTHO furniture is easily assembled - without glue, screws, nails or other fixings. Through a series of grooves the individual elements can simply be slotted together with cross-bridging. It is just as easily taken apart and stored in a space-saving box. Because of the flexibility of the individual components and the ventilation afforded by the grid system the pieces are extremely comfortable to sit or lie on.


Thanks to the TAXTHO slot-together system all furniture can be easily assembled and taken apart without tools. The furniture is nevertheless extremely stable.


The slot-together system gives TAXTHO furniture a certain level of flexibility because it adjusts to the floor level: This makes sitting and lying down even more comfortable.


Because the slot-together system is assembled from the top down stability is increased when weight is added.


TAXTHO furniture is manufactured from high quality, extremely heavy duty 12 mm birch wood-multiplex panels with 2 mm veneer. It is also available in knotty oak, knotty larch, swiss pine, nut veneer or in various colours.